On Recording Birds

september 29, 2022
Birds that change colour
Waste My Records
Number of discs: 1

In 2011 Birds That Change Colour stopped being Antwerp’s best kept secret when they published their suprising debut album “On Recording The Sun” (Munich Records). This ‘little masterpiece’ (de Morgen 2011) harbours some captivating songs whose mesmerizing undertow might just lure you back to the late sixties.

In August 2014 their long-awaited second album On Recording Birds will come out on Waste My Records. For this album Birds retreated into the forests of The Ardennes to make outdoor recordings.

On this wonderful collection of new original songs Birds play with the hands of time deep in the woods, where the roots of American and British music magically intertwine.

On Recording Birds will be an album to cherish like a warm spring day in the middleof a long and dreary autumn.

All copyrights and stuff belong to Birds that change colour. Artwork by Christophe Engels, Pictures by Stefaan Beeckaert & site created by Very Bien